“Music can change the world because it can change people.”


N uRhymes is a nonprofit venture that uses the power of songs and nursery rhymes to spread safety information to children around the world.

It started with a trip to Africa

Visiting a small school in a Zulu- town, musician Eoin Harrington wondered why several of the children were missing limbs. A parent explained that children often try to play with puff adders. The puff adder is one of the world’s most dangerous snakes, accounting for more deaths than any other snake in Africa. Had no one ever told the kids to stay away from these deadly animals? Or were children forgetting the warnings? Either way, kids were not receiving this vital information.

How to teach kids to stay away from such a fascinating creature?

For Eoin, a successful singer-songwriter, music was the obvious answer. He wondered: how many bites could be prevented with the help of a song or nursery rhyme that they would remember when they saw a snake? And so Eoin wrote The Snake Song in the Zulu language and worked with a local singer to record it. Parents and teachers could help teach the song to children and encourage them to spread this life-saving information.

The NuRhymes vision

Back in the United States Eoin shared this project with RJ Jain, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. RJ immediately recognized that the reach of this idea was much bigger than helping Zulu kids avoid this one danger; it could be applied to any dangerous scenario where kids have only a moment to react. Easy-to-remember jingles can prepare kids so they know exactly what to do whether they are swimming, climbing, standing near a hot stove, playing with animals or about to cross a busy road.

NuRhymes produces and distributes songs that teach children important safety information. Our language-specific regional albums and singles are produced and recorded by top industry artists. NuRhyme’s unique distribution model includes widespread social media campaigns, teacher incentives, and community outreach programs. We are planting these songs in early childhood in the hopes that they will spread organically and be passed down through generations.

Why NuRhymes?

Because preventable accidents are the leading cause of death for children ages 1-14

Young human minds have a lot to absorb, and they do it by actively exploring their environment. This marvelous boldness and curiosity can turn deadly. Tragically, around the world more than 700000 children die in accidents around the home each year; and there are thousands of others who are injured or maimed for life. We can make a difference by giving kids the knowledge they need to stay safe, in a form that stays with them and is easy to pass on to others.

Because young brains are wired to learn from music

Cognitive research supports the idea that music and rhyme helps people remember things long-term; human minds seem hardwired for music. That’s why advertising agencies rely on jingles. “Clapping and singing… There’s a reason these activities are found across all cultures in storytelling, religious ceremonies, solemn rituals, and joyous celebrations.”-Dr. Idit Sulkin, of the Ben-Gurion University Music Science Lab

Because a simple little rhyme can save lives

Every American knows what to do if their clothing ever catches fire, right? – Stop, Drop, and Roll! This short, catchy phrase sticks in children’s minds so well that if they ever find themselves in this very scary situation, they don’t panic and run around. Most adults and kids in the country have never seen the original 1970s- era Public Service Announcement, but the rhyme is so easy to remember that it gets passed on and saves lives every year. This is the kind of effect we hope to have with NuRhymes on a global scale.

9 million

kids are treated for injuries in U.S. emergency rooms every year.


accidential child deaths aroud the world each day.


of childhood injuries are preventable (CDC Estimate).

We’re on a mission

NuRhymes is building more than a library of songs—we are building a global network of stars, leaders, and experts that can help us make a dent in those statistics.

Medical professionals

We work with doctors and international foundations to identify common causes of preventable injuries.

Childhood development experts

We connect with childhood development experts to ensure that the song is clear and conveys exactly the right information.


Our team reaches out to big stars and top talent to record NuRhymes songs. We then release the music over the internet to parents and teachers around the world.


We offer incentives to schools and churches for sharing videos of their classes singing NuRhymes songs.

Key elements in every NuRhyme song

All of the songs we produce are:

  • Based on one clear concept

    Each song address one single danger or health issue.

  • Instructive

    What to look for, Why you should care, What steps you should take

  • Positive and not scary

    We don’t want to give anyone nightmarest. The songs should make kids feel empowered because they know about the danger.

  • Catchy

    We want these songs to stick in people’s minds.

  • Matched with movement

    Studies show that clapping and dancing reinforce learning. By incorporating easy hand gestures, we can boost the positive effects.

  • Similar to local music

    We want these ideas to become woven into the fabric of the culture. For that to work, the style and melody must fit seamlessly with local traditional folk songs.

NuRhymes was founded by two people known for passion, drive, and getting things done.

Eoin Harrington

When he isn’t busy with his day job as Senior VP of Innovation at Restoration Hardware, Eoin is a multi-talented musician with fans around the world. An award-winning songwriter and accomplished piano player, he is considered an up and coming voice in pop-rock. His role as founder of NuRhymes combines years of business experience with creative vision, as well as skills in music recording and promotion.

RJ Jain

RJ is a serial entrepreneur and a philanthropist, actively involved in several charitable organizations including Human Rights Watch, Charity Water, and Akshaya Patra. RJ brings all of this expertise along with strong networking skills to NuRhymes. In his role at NuRhymes he manages operations including marketing, web and social media presence, and connecting with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

How to get involved

Got a passion for the NuRhymes mission? Let us know!

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